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A little but effective plant whose crop will certainly meet your expectations at the time of year you need it, thanks to its terrific advancement indoors with a good photoperiod. When you get your hands on this sativa dominant cannabis seed, you will be conquered by the flavour of lemon as well as spices as well as a refreshing and revitalising effect. Within the autoflowering globe, there are some ranges that function especially well and also take pleasure in the authorization of the respectable aficionado. This autoflowering cannabis seed is an effective choice, a warranty of success for little residential crops. It's certainly a fresh lemon flavoured experience, in this situation sativa leading to inspire skilled growers of the genus. Find out more regarding various cannabis strains in our super lemon haze Section on the website.You can enjoy buds all year round with Lemon Haze Auto if you can supply her with the light she requires. It's a gorgeous shrub with resinous buds whose height is reduced to medium, and also it can live gladly on a balcony or patio area, or in a corner indoors. You will certainly be able to harvest the fruits of your work in record time thanks to its automatic condition. The resulting equipment is a lot more powerful than it may seem. With a THC level greater than 18%, it generates an impact that lasts for several hours and also which can be unbelievably solid in high dosages for customers that aren't accustomed to it. As an excellent autoflowering selection, it's immune and also an excellent bet. We recommend growing it in spring or summertime if we wish to expand it using all-natural light, and also avoiding transplanting it at any kind of phase to make sure that it expands in the very same area the whole time. Lemon Haze Auto establishes little, thin leaves and also mid-distance nodes on a plant whose strong centre has lots of side branches, offering it a bushy appearance due to its small stature. The flowers crown this specimen with a creamy colored colour, the best complement for that solid lemon aroma that it sends out. As you would anticipate, Lemon Haze Auto's preference is carefully connected to lemon; nevertheless, it's worth emphasizing that it has nuances of asian spices and also an acidic touch as well as a woody background that ends up being evident. Thick, intense, and really revitalizing as a result of its citrus prominence.


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