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games Hey all! First off I'd like to thank everyone who has donated or even just looked at my game. It really helps out! I have a question about my server/game. I'm going to be running a zombie server and was hoping to get some suggestions for the best server software/game. I'm thinking of running on Sauerland and an FPS similar to DayZ/Arkane. If there are any other suggestions feel free to post them. Cheers Comrade I have seen/read many server softwares like Aion, Kajuto/Urban Hunt,WorldPVP,etc but this post is to ask you all about what you think is the best for a zombie server. The game I'm going to run is only for fun and I'm not looking for a commercial. My requirements: Online server - a must open to any skills and any game Source code - i don't mind where the server source is hosted as long as it's in public ( so everyone can download) Single player zombie game Moddable - i would like to be able to change the game as i go through it Shared player online/local - i would like to be able to play offline at some point Horde/Roster - some form of registration/auth/phon/login to be able to have a roster Voice Chat - to be able to talk to each other, but I don't mind text chat Configurable - i can change it to my liking Currently I'm leaning towards using OpenRA but I would also like to know if anyone else has had any experience with these softwares. I've seen many websites that detail various zombie servers but I'm looking for suggestions for features, compatibility and overall user experience. Thanks! __________________ A Zombie server using openRA Basic features Full DayZ compatibility Using a.config file to define server parameters Local/Networking/Shared players Horde/Roster system Configurable Server/Game settings Server logs Chat logs Project Files Mod support Arma mod files Cfg-scripts mod files Bugs fixes Gr



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Cs 1.6 Hack Ammo Packs Zombie Server

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